Monday, August 29, 2016

WALT use adjectives and simelis

Ah of to work today I get out of my hot science lab as I look in the mirror at my dry white skin. I go to brush my teeth because I slid my teeth across it and i fell some fury things . and I fell yuk I hop into the shower because I stink like vomit I walk onto the creaky floor as my feet slip through the slippery carpet it is as blue as a whale I get my fake teeth on and I get on my old 1980 goggles and my clothes as green as leafs
And I fell yuk still maybe something is happening in the
orphanage. I fly over with my old
Holy wings I glide through the wind it is as cold as antarctica I finally look at a child as he snored and my long slippery fingers   open the creaky door it is as creaky as a old wooden floor it is as brown as a peg I see a girl she has some ballet shoes I crack the round white egg on here pink yuk ballet shoes and I crack more they all have great dreams they love it so so much I go back home  THE END.  

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