Monday, August 29, 2016

WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing

I am a animal my fur is as soft as a pillow. I smell like dust. I have such yellow eyes as my feet stand firm into the hard brown grassy ground. I feel as warm as the sun I am as nervous as going to space I am starting to stretch I hear a click sound as my back and my front legs click. mmmm it feels nice to stretch. I lower down my body and then I bring it up I hear a snap noise broom I start to run. I speed past the other cheetahs and panthers I start to turn into a human bean. I came so far I ran from London to RIO. I  couldn't believe my eyes I saw the big statue. I finally went to the opening ceremony then   I see red fireworks and blue ones to. I see other people there I hear a beeping sound. I am just about to turn into a panther again so I drink water. and it went away I finish my race and I won a shiny gold medal. I went back home and Practised for the next Olympics I ran 100 kilometers to tokyo. where the next Olympics is gone  be held and I was as tired as a new born baby. I sleep for twenty hours I was in such a relief I dream about an elephant chasing me I was scared but it was a dream I start to feel sick but I just leave it  THE END.                  

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