Thursday, August 11, 2016

walt use videos to make it better

I am a ball boy looking at Ronaldo I wish I was him. Suddenly the crowd screamed goal.
He crossed it and bom!!!!! He crashed into me. I turned in to Ronaldo and he turned into me. I felt so cool. I get home and wake up it wasn't a dream it was real. I got out of my white king sized bed and looked out of the window, aaaaaaaaaaaaah. I looked in the mirror and lifted my top and there were some  abs, my dream came true ahhh yes. I hop in my pagani and I crash. I get into the stadium and I see people cheering. I park my car and get out  and I walk into the stadium.
After that I do some training and I can't do around the world. I see my coach he said Ronaldo you ok? I said yes. Finally  the game is starting and  I walk into the hallway. I see  a person with my awesome orange and black  sock  boots. I look at him and grin. Then  I walk into the stadium and I start the game the ball comes to me. I hit it with my back and turn, I skill another player I Ronaldo chop a player and Rabona to Gomess he strikes it with his left foot and it gets into the back of the net, he celebrates. The ball is coming Lee and Ronaldo crash and get their body's back. I feel good to be in the real body aaaahhh. I am in such a relief, I like my own body. I went to sleep and feel in a deep one but I smelled an egg cooking. I rushed to the kitchen my dog cooked me a egg, I was dreaming. I went for a swim in my 1000000 meter deep pool and then I went to the cold weight room. I lifted some weights and pulled a muscle. I could not play for 5 weeks!!! Meanwhile Messi was smashing my team 4-1 here 7-5 there. I went in for 47 minutes and pulled a hamstring and I went back to my awesome silver manchen and slept. Again it felt like a relief, my dog said hey i'm tired and slept on my bed and in my white blankets. From that day I will never cross again, never ever I will take corners, but not cross with the shyne white ball that is nike. My last touch to the ball, boom I am retired of old age I loved my corea the end.

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