Thursday, September 1, 2016

WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing.

I am a boy named Thato I live in Africa in a village called Nata I need some shade because it is 42 degrees and there are no trees in my village.  I need water to grow my tree. It is as brown as wood.  I call my brother Junior  to help  me.  He went and got a bucket and we both watered it. It took  5 hours for the tree to start growing and  it was tiring. I felt like my eyes were about to shut and then suddenly I fainted. After that a bit of sweat fell on the tree and it went purple and the leafs started to grow.  It was beautiful, it was as purple as a fresh grape. I wake up and I have lots of shade. Suddenly bushes start to grow I feel awesome because there is shade which will protect me from getting sun burnt.  Next I go back home and rest. I dream about water and food mmmm. I like my house. I wake up and throw off my white sheet it is as white as snow, I feel so warm. The following  day I go back to my tree and play it is fun.      

We know we have done this when: We have painted a picture with our words. Made the reader want to read on. Used more than 4 similes. Used lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting. Extra things that we need to keep an eye on….. Punctuation. Capital letters and full stops.

WALT demonstrate our school values through hakinakina

 WALT demonstrate our school values through hakinakina we know we have done                                        this when we have bean respectful kind honest and enjoyed ourselves
  I was honest when I didint get it in the hoop in basketball  I was respectful and kind
 and it was fun