Friday, August 18, 2017

The Magician

I am a great man called wiadra he was french he was a great man he traveled the world. But there was one problem he was a bad guy he
Loved to make trouble he even sent a lady up in the sky and she had a baby. He was as bad as if he even had to go to jail.He was sad
He ran from police he ran from the FBI he was a killer he had a pale white face and then a mustache it was as black as a bear and his babies.
He ran and made the whole world in a spiral he was laughing he said stop and then the people fell over that was UN lucky I was in a building looking at the man he said what I smell human he took a big sniff and he said
You. I ran up the top stair and there was the man he said heehaw  you're mine!!! I ran down the cold hallway and he said hey where are you going?.
He came  in front of me and put me in his big,smelly,black hat. I turned into a rabbit and we said where's my carrot? I hopped out and looked at a spiral it was as twirly as a spinning top I saw people they were   screaming and screaming I hurriedly ran up to something green I was a emerald I touched it and It stopped huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu huhuhu I saved the world and people were falling from the sky ah I saved them and the were happy we took them to their home there mums and dad said what an adventure. the man turned into a guinea pig and then he went squeak and ran away sins that day it was 1988 and then we never saw that wicked,disgusting,horrible man again but we saw him in the bush I think oh no It is just a ordinary guinea pig He had fur up his big disgusting nose and he was so yuck he had fly's flying around him and he eat human he was I see my curtain in my house sun was coming out I just relisted It was only just a dream It was good It was a dream because I was scared It would happen again and I went In the lounge and the I saw a tornado nohow Is that true My dream came true I ran outside and he said I'm back he scared me In my dream and now it is true noo why Is this happening At leas I am not a rabbit I hope. I Don't change into one so I Looked at him and he said Rabbit he pointed his wand and Swish He pulled of a mask and It was my dad he said h aha got you some oh man We had a nice diner It was April the 1 It was April fools day. We went to the beach had a BBQ and we fell asleep in the bush at the beach and We woke up with cuts on us and we were sad we lost our way home we found It and we saw a guinea pig Noooooooooo We went through that howl progress again It was not nice We went home and rest ah what a day this was the End

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