Monday, September 12, 2016

WAL how to use screencastify


  1. Koia kei a koe Waisea. It is great to see the learning you did this morning already being shared on your blog. I like how you have hooked me in with your Screencastify and great images on your slide. The way you talked about couch potatoes reminds me of when I was 100kgs and a real couch potato. I feel so much better I am more active and healthy now. How do you stay healthy and ensure you are not a couch potato?

  2. Tēnā koe(Hello to you) Waisea.
    Miharo(Amazing) I really like how you have used gif's and screencastify to make your presentation of being healthy come alive! This reminds me of when I used screencastify to record my learning. How long did it take you to make the slide? Did you know that when you click present in the google slide it goes full screen and then you can press CTRL+shift+s and it opened screencastify even in full screen?
    Nou hoki faka-apa-apa(Yours Sincerely).
    p.s.:click my name for the link to my blog!

  3. Kia Ora Waisea I really like your how to use screencastify post. What you did well you did well by using screencastify. But you could of put some information on it. Miharo!


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