Friday, September 16, 2016

Centaur Thinglink!

WALT: research on Greek creatures!


  1. Morena (Good Morning) Waisea.
    I really like this post about centaurs and it is wild! How long did it take you to find out all of this information? This reminds me of when I read the Percy Jackson series. Next time you could add links to the sites that you found all of the information from.
    Nou hoki Faka'apa'apa (Yours Sincerely).

  2. Kia Ora Waisea my name is Llewellyn. I am from grey main school. I really like you blog post about Pholus. How long did it tack you to do your thing link. This reminds me of Greek stuff. bye.

  3. Bonjour Waisea my name is Ruby, I am from Mamaku 2. I really like how your whole class has created a thing link on Greek creatures. This reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia if you haven't watched it i would highly recommend it for you.


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