Thursday, September 1, 2016

WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing.

I am a boy named Thato I live in Africa in a village called Nata I need some shade because it is 42 degrees and there are no trees in my village.  I need water to grow my tree. It is as brown as wood.  I call my brother Junior  to help  me.  He went and got a bucket and we both watered it. It took  5 hours for the tree to start growing and  it was tiring. I felt like my eyes were about to shut and then suddenly I fainted. After that a bit of sweat fell on the tree and it went purple and the leafs started to grow.  It was beautiful, it was as purple as a fresh grape. I wake up and I have lots of shade. Suddenly bushes start to grow I feel awesome because there is shade which will protect me from getting sun burnt.  Next I go back home and rest. I dream about water and food mmmm. I like my house. I wake up and throw off my white sheet it is as white as snow, I feel so warm. The following  day I go back to my tree and play it is fun.      

We know we have done this when: We have painted a picture with our words. Made the reader want to read on. Used more than 4 similes. Used lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting. Extra things that we need to keep an eye on….. Punctuation. Capital letters and full stops.

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